Frequently Asked Questions

The environmental debate is one that we can’t resolve our little website!! Here are our thoughts on Virtulawns positives – you can make up your own mind.

  • No use of fertilisers / pesticides / weed killer
  • No watering throughout the year to keep the grass green
  • No petrol and electricity used by mowers and their emissions
  • No distribution of grass clippings and the gases they produce
  • No flash flooding due to an increase in hard landscape materials in the modern garden

They love it! It can be used all year round and is soft to the touch with no muddy fingers or footprints. Some of our customers have had play areas integrated into their garden instead of using bark as this is mainly used by cats as a toilet! It’s great for play areas with trampolines, swings etc as there is no longer a need to move everything to mow or try to mow round obstacles. We have also installed artificial grass in several schools and the feedback has been great.

Doggy Poops are easy to remove as you would normally and the grass can be washed with a warm soapy solution if needed so it is cleaner than real turf. Also Virtulawn is permeable so any urine drains through so no more brown patches. There will be no more digging up of the lawn and your pet will find it nicer to be on all year round as you do not have dry arid conditions in the summer and the wet muddy areas in the winter. Also in the sunshine it warms up very quickly and dogs and cats love it! There’s no longer the problem of keeping pets or children off the lawn because you’ve just put fertiliser or weed killer down.  In fact every day of the year can be the same with Virtulawn.

This depends on what you use it for really. Virtulawn’s life expectancy is between 10 and 20 years but feasibly it could be much longer. We know someone who had artificial grass 20 years ago (nothing like the quality of today’s grasses!) and it still looks great and will last much longer.

Very little. Generally speaking you would be advised to remove any debris from the grass – for leaves a plastic leaf rake will suffice. Virtulawn is permeable, any rain water will run through the product and clean it at the same time.

The many answers to this question include for example Soil, Tarmac, Asphalt or Concrete and it’s generally better if it is porous.

It is more expensive initially than real turf but the advantages far outweigh the problems that real turf brings. The initial outlay is quickly recovered as there are no long term costs such as feeding, weeding, lawnmower upkeep, watering on a water meter and general ongoing lawn care. We should point out that per square metre it usually costs less than many different types of hard landscaping – patios, decking etc. The best thing to do is get in touch with us for a free quote.

Everybody is looking these days for a low or even no maintenance garden due to the busy lives that we all lead. Artificial grass goes a long way to providing this ideal. It is low maintenance, environmentally friendly and means you can have a beautiful lawn in a clean and hygienic environment for children and pets which in turn improves the whole family’s lifestyle. But the best bit is – you will not need to mow the grass and can throw away the lawnmower.